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About Spray Tans

A Safe Way To Tan

A certified spray tan stylist will come to a customer's destination with a portable booth, so that the process, which takes 10-12 minutes, can be completed anywhere without a mess. Because customers don't have to rush to put on their clothes and leave, as they do at a salon, their tans can fully dry without fear of staining clothing or car seats. With proper preparation and care, a tan from Spray Tans by Jen will last up to one full week.

Spray Tans by Jen uses products by Spray Tan L.A. who uses DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a spray tanning agent that reacts with the skin to create a sunless tan. The process begins with the application of a pH-balancing spray to prevent the dreaded "orange" look. Customers choose a DHA solution that develops into a full tan about eight hours later, mixed with a bronzer for some immediate and accurate color (the bronzer washes off in the shower, by which time the sunless tan will have taken effect). Spray Tan L.A.'s solutions, all 100% certified organic, include Organic Silk (no bronzer), Organic Original (light bronzer), Organic Cocoa (medium bronzer) and Organic Rio (dark bronzer). Two signature trademarked scents are also available: Coconut Paradise and Caramel.

Press Release


Safe, Mobile Airbrush-Tanning Service
Auburn, MA (July 4, 2012) – With a mission to offer the safest, most readily available and professionally applied 100% certified organic tan, Spray Tans by Jen will launch throughout Worcester County, Massachusetts as a mobile spray tanning service on July 4, 2012. Whether for a wedding or reunion, sorority party or simple indulgence, Spray Tans by Jen brings all the benefits of a great tan directly to customers, wherever they are and whenever they want it.

In light of the risks of UV tanning, more people are turning to the safe alternative, spray tanning. In an article by HealthDay 2012:
“Tanning beds use ultraviolet light, a known carcinogen, often at strengths 10 to 15 times stronger than summer midday exposure, according to an investigative report prepared for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce earlier this year.
The World Health Organization lists tanning beds as a dangerous form of cancer-causing radiation, noting that use before age 30 raises the risk of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, by 75 percent.
In the United States, non-melanoma skin cancer strikes about 2 million people a year, with 50 percent to 90 percent of all cases resulting from UV radiation, according to WHO. It is the second most common type of cancer for people aged 15 to 29, Banerjee said.
In addition, about 75,000 new cases of melanoma are expected in 2012, accounting for about three-quarters of the 12,000 anticipated skin cancer-related deaths. However, most forms of the disease can be successfully treated if caught early.”

Roughly 28 million Americans use tanning salons each year, with consumers increasingly embracing spray tanning. “That glow on the horizon means spray-on bronzing treatments are sweeping the country,” says O, the Oprah Magazine. “Spray-tanning technology has come a long way from its decade-old beginnings when people often complained of orange skin tones and short-lived, splotchy and sometimes smelly results,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Spray Tans by Jen launches Spray Tan L.A. branded 100% certified organic, not tested on animals, paraben free skin care and beauty products that can be purchased online or from its mobile tanning stylist. They include pre-care (e.g., Sea Coral Salt Scrub, Moisturizing Body Scrub, pH Balance Spray) and after-care (e.g., Hydrating Shower Gel, Pro-Long Moisturizer, Body Butter, 4-Faces: Sunless Spray for Faces, Sunless Spray, & a Mineral Powder Bronzing Brush).

What Jen Can Do For You

  • A normal priced single mobile spray tan is $65
  • After-hours (9 p.m. – 9 a.m.) $95, which includes a PH Balance fruit prime extract prep spray.
  • For Fall they are running a $45 spray tan special. A 5-tan package runs $225; while a 10-tan package is $390.
  • For multiple tanners in one location, 2-5 people runs $39 each, 6-11 is $29 each, and 12 or more is $25 each (the last two levels constitute a “spray tan party,” with a host provided).
  • Various discounts are provided for military and students.
  • First time spray tan clients have a $25 introductory special!
  • A pH-balancing spray is available for an additional $10
  • Contact Jen for Wedding Party, Prom, and other group information and pricing.

Mobile Spray Tan Process

Mobile Spray Tent

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After booking your appointment, our experienced tan technician will come to your home. Along with their professional equipment, they will arrive with a portable, pop-up "tanning tent". The tent is self-containing, allowing us to tan you in virtually any room of your home without causing any type of mess while offering privacy. The room we set up/tan in is your choice- the only requirement is it must have an electrical outlet for us to plug our machine into and adequate lighting.


Your technician will ask you several questions about your skin type, typical skin care, and what you normally wear for daily facial makeup. You will then discuss the color you would like to achieve from your tan. From light to dark, your wish is our command! As your technician is setting up you will be asked to change into what you will wear during the tan. Our most frequently asked question is "What should I wear (or not wear!) while getting a spray tan?" This is a personal choice and go with what you are comfortable with! While many clients prefer no tan-lines, many wear bikinis or bras and panties. We do however require ALL males to wear bottoms while tanning, as well as those under the age of 18.


Upon entering the tent, your technician will quickly demonstrate the several different simple positions she will ask you to get into while spraying (ie: arms in front, over your head, lunges, etc). The different positions assure that the tan is applied everywhere, evenly. Vaseline will be lightly applied to your finger and toenails and any dry/rough areas preventing excessive and unnatural results on those areas. The spray tan machine will then be powered on. The technician will be holding the spray "gun", which is attached to tubing which attaches to the unit. By holding the "trigger" she is able to continuously control exactly how much solution is coming out and where is it being applied. The tanning solution comes out and applied as a fine mist. During this process your tech will be asking you to switch positions/turn around as needed. The application is generally quick usually lasting a total of 5 minutes or less!


Unlike many spray tan units which require two different parts (or even use of a hair dryer!) to dry the tan...not only is our solution fast drying but our top-of-the-line spray tan unit has a dryer directly built into it! Your technician will quickly dry your tan by switching the spray off, allowing the flow of warm air.


Once you are completely satisfied with your color and tan, you are done! We will be sure you have exactly what you want. We will double check all areas and ask you to check your new tan lines (if there are any) and we can touch any areas up as needed. We will go over after-care with you, tips to extend your color and answer any questions.

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Jen is available for single sessions or tanning parties. Contact her using the following information or the form.

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